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  • what twilight character will date u
    Your Result: oooh jacob black

    ewww he's sooo annoying!!!!don't get me wrong he is hot but ...... HE'S A WEREWOLF!!!!!gross a sinky mutt ew ew ew ew ew i feel sorry for you girl it's so disgusting he's shaggier than the others it's soooooo wrooong!!!!!!!

    s oooooo not true, i loooooooooooooooove jacob. i feel sorry for whoever gets edward the sparkly stalker

  • Dude, mine all panned out for the storyline. I turned out to be Jasper and it said that Alice would be the one to date me. OMG!! I love Alice and Jasper. They are soooooo the best!

  • Awesome Edward by the way take my quiz on this web site Which twilight saga charecter are you?

  • Edward :/ I like him... But im team jasper! :)

    lol time
  • Jacob!I looooooove him!I don't care if he is a werewolf,werewolves r cool!!!!!!!!

  • I got alice cullen! Im a girl!:)

  • yay jacob!!! i love him to death! yay! i wish he was real...;[

    tinkerbel is emo

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