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  • What Tumblr aesthetic describes you?
    Your Result: Black & White 93%

    The black & white aesthetic has a dark, artistic feel. There are no bright colors on these blogs, in fact, there are no colors on them at all. Black & white blogs (often shortened to just "b&w") focuses on simple, beautiful photography that is taken only in black in white. These blogs sometimes have a somewhat sad or depressing feel to them, which only makes them all the more interesting and thought provoking.

    90% Vintage
    85% Hipster
    80% Grunge
    80% Music
    61% Rustic
    58% City Life
    55% Foodie
    39% Pastel

  • The band aesthetic focuses only on the world of musical talent. These blogs focus on photography of concert lights, big crowds, and musicians. These blogs also tend to be full of beautiful photography, with cool lyrics written on them. Band blogs tend to focus on a specific music genre, depending on the bloggers favorite singers and their personal taste in music.

    ohh!!! i like it a lot~~

  • Vintage aesthetic,I'd say I'm actually more grudge aesthetic sense I'm into the emo and goth culture alot as well as the music style too but cool quiz anyways mate.

  • Vintage. That fits me perfectly.

  • i'm a combination of pastel, music, and grunge. all of them were 80%. i'm satisfied with my answers, even though i couldn't see the descriptions of music and grunge. still a great quiz, lol.

  • Foodie :) well I want to start a blog Im too broke to buy a nice camera and too lazy to go out

  • foodie? Wtf..


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