What track event should you run?

Track and field is a sport in which athletes compete in different events involving running, jumping, and throwing. This quiz will determine the best running (track) event for you.

There are the sprinters, the mid distance runners, the long distance runners, and the hurdlers. Which events would suit you best? Find out by taking this quiz!

Created by: track is life
  1. What's your body type like?
  2. What's your mile (1600m) time?
  3. Are you a good jumper?
  4. Which is the easiest for you?
  5. What's the farthest distance you can run comfortably?
  6. Can you run really really fast?
  7. What other sport have you played?
  8. What do you care about more?
  9. How long can you tolerate constant pain?
  10. Did you like this quiz? (No effect)

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Quiz topic: What track event should I run?