What is your life's theme song

We all have stories, we can usually find something to connect us to others. Sometimes a song says it all. There is 13 questions to help define the very broadest of pictures of your life and your experience.

There are many songs out therr, but which one of these 10, is best suited to be your life's main sound track. Do not dwell if your sound track isn't a favorite yet. Your life has much more ahead and it's bound to change! We are still too young to have our own sound track set in Stone. Just have fun.

Created by: Mara

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you feel about your childhood?
  2. How did you like middle school?
  3. First love
  4. Do you enjoy high school
  5. How was your first job
  6. How are things with your parents
  7. Are married?
  8. What's your favorite music?
  9. Do you drink alcohol?
  10. Are you 420 friendly?
  11. How angry do you consider yourself?

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Quiz topic: What is my life's theme song