What Tough U.S. are you From? Are you from the toughest?

how tough are YOU!!! are you tough enough to hang with the roughest of them? test yourself here and see if you've got what it takes to be the most dangerous dude in the U.S.

remember to be 100% completely honest during this test! no one likes cheaters at all!! =] E-mails to me about what you think would be nice XEmoJoeX13@aim.com thank you!

Created by: Joe

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  1. Ever been in a fist fight?(be honest)
  2. have you ever woke up in the morning, taken a nice stretch, the open your window and see cops fighting criminals to their car?
  3. do you have a weapon in your room that's yours?
  4. Are you Italian (or are many of your friends)?
  5. Do you think your neighbor down the street might be in the Mafia?
  6. Are you a slave for rock n' roll?
  7. have you been nearly shot waiting at the bus stop?
  8. Do you H A t E New Jersey?
  9. do you always hook up at parties (make out)
  10. ever cursed at your teacher?

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Quiz topic: What Tough U.S. am I From? am I from the toughest?