What Toronto is like!

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Hey! You saw Toronto, right? Well, if you are planning a trip, Then why not get a vacation there! You will love it, especially at night! So are you going? Well, Have a nice trip!

OK boi!!! Take the test! Have fun! Get your results! Comment! Rate! *goes and plays super smash bros ultimate* Oh I recognize Sonic Jump and Mario Run are mixed-up... OK anyways, BOIIIII!!!!

Created by: Tremendus
  1. Hello!
  2. So today I'll be telling you what Toronto looks like and then some WOULD YOU RATHER! (medium)
  3. Toronto is so cool! It's like a whole city in a mansion!
  4. Like, you can literally tell from the picture! It's so vibrant and brilliant and gorgeous and rich and intense and everything!
  5. Anyway, time for another PEPPA MEME!
  6. Don't mind my mistakes. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, A beautiful day with a neighbor, Would you be mine, would you be mine, would you be my neighbor.
  7. Chatterbox. Peppa: Hello Suzy! Suzy: Hello, Peppa! Suzy: Guess what happened to me yesterday! Peppa: Yesterday I went to the duck pond and saw Ms. Duck!Suzy: Well, yesterday-Peppa: And then I went to the supermarket with mommy!We bought bread, carrots and- What's wrong?Suzy: You talk too much, Blah Blah Blah. Just like that. BLAH BLAH BLAH!Suzy: Mom!! Suzy said I talk too much.Mom: Well, you are a bit of a chatterbox, Peppa.Suzy: Chatterbox, that's right. Chatterbox here, chatterbox there, chatter chatter chatter.Peppa: *Leaves the room*Suzy: You never stop talking.Peppa: I CAN EASILY STOP TALKIN IF I WANNA.Suzy: No you cantPeppa: Yes I CAN!Suzy: No u cantPeppa: YES I CAN-UH.Suzy: -whispers- you can't!Peppa: THAT'S IT! I AM NEVER GONNA TALK AGAIN!Peppa: -closes her eyes and mouth like a boss-Suzy: *whispers* you can't!
  8. So, did you like that?
  9. I need ten questions.
  10. So anyway, In conclusion, Toronto is a very great and stunning place that you should go to sometime. OK, BOI!!!!

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