What TNA knockout are you ?

My quiz was intirely on my love of wrestling TNA and the TNA knockouts davition also because the only other one i could find was 2 years old :) .Go Taylor Wilde !!!

What TNA knockout are you ? A fast east qiuz to find out. every wonderd if your the high flying Taylor Wilde , Sarita or Hamada or maybe the powerfull ODB OR awesome kong well find out!!!!!!

Created by: Callum

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your preferd wrestling style?
  2. Pick a male wrestler whos valet youd like to be :
  3. Pick a title:
  4. Where would you be from if you could pick ?
  5. Pick a fnisher : Not just because your fave knockout uses it !
  6. Pick a match type
  7. Favorite knockout qote
  8. Pick an award
  9. Pick a nickname
  10. Pick a theme

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Quiz topic: What TNA knockout am I ?