what tipe of dancer are you?

there are many tipe of dancers out there so alot of people take this quiz to find out wich tipe of dancer.if you are a dancer than dont take this quiz just kiddding ha ha ha!!

ARE you a true dancer? do you want to know wich one? do you like danceing? so take this wonderful quiz!please take this quiz.then rate it to se how you like it this is for your own good!!!

Created by: danceer101

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you where to school?
  2. what music do you listen to?
  3. do you have an ipod?
  4. what tipe of danceing do you hate?
  5. do you like danceing?
  6. what tipe of danceing do you like?
  7. have you danced before?
  8. are you a teacher of dance?
  9. do you like dancing?
  10. what studio do you go to?

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Quiz topic: What tipe of dancer am I?