What tip of mermaid you are powers tail

You are amazing good luck just remember that you can be any thing you want in the world gust remember that you need to work for it not gust liy arond so I hope you get it😉

you are good when you are done you will find out if you belong in the ocean so don't gust wonder find out discover the truth and revel your destiny and have a good time

Created by: aqua
  1. What's you fav color
  2. What you fav animal
  3. What's your dream power
  4. What is you dream hair color
  5. What rock do you like best
  6. What is you fav hobby
  7. What color do you want your tail to be
  8. What sea do you like best
  9. Do you like flowers
  10. If you lived under the sea what would you eat

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