what team are you ?

alot of people follow there familys football team , but what team do you really support ?do you wanna find out well take this quiz and find out and please rate cos this is my first quiz so ya know cut me sum slack kay !!!

You can now find out which tam you support with this quiz !!!! James for life , hi I come from Ireland and I made this quiz up cos I was looking threw my laptop and I saw this website so I came and made my own

Created by: James
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what's your favourite pet ?
  2. your loyality ?
  3. Are you ..... ?
  4. your perfect date ?
  5. favo colour ?
  6. Your favo country ?
  7. your first letter of your first name
  8. Your footie position ?
  9. Why do you want to support a team ?
  10. bored ?

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Quiz topic: What team am I ?