What team would draft you

Many people wonder where they would be drafted, and what team fits them best. Well this quiz will tell you. It has 8 teams that could draft you. Good luck.

What team do you belong. Are you ready to be drafted. Well after taking this you will know which team should be on. It's an easy quiz with easy questions.

Created by: Mick Yuille
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You quarterback overthrows you when you wide open. You ...
  2. A guy wants to be paid more money. You ....
  3. Your best quality is ....
  4. You like .... more. San Diego and Dallas are on other question. If you like them more, dont answer this.
  5. Or these teams. If you like a team from the other one more, dont answer.
  6. What best describes you
  7. Who's the most overrated athlete
  8. Who would you rather be
  9. Who would you rather date
  10. Where would you rather live
  11. What position would you rather be

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