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  • pahaha! thats hilarious! girly?? nahh man ima scene kid fosho yo..im like a emo/preppy kid. i love screamo and neon colors.. paha! if ya dont know what im talkin bout?! the look it up on google.. psh! or... you can listen to a band..like...Broken cyde,dot dot curve, blood on the dance floor,nevershoutnev er, Watchout!there's ghosts..you know dat type of stuff. peace out gangsta..(Y)

    Kudos Dino
  • I got emo :p I guess that's ok but I see myself as a tomboy if anything but hey a quiz is a quiz

  • @Kudos Dino, you sound like a complete poser,no joke.

    A scene wouldnt come out and say 'yeah,im scene..'

  • I'm average,
    not bad
    a prettty good quiz!


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