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  • Link

    You are very heroic and have the Triforce of courage.Like all of the game's returning characters, he now comes equipped with a Final Smash attack that he obtains when he collects a Smash Ball. His final smash is the Triforce Slash, in which light from the Triforce of Courage on Link's hand shoots out and traps an opponent in between two large Triforces. Link then dashes at the opponent, unleashes a barrage of sword slashes, finishing with a powerful blow with enough knockback to OHKO the opponent if nothing gets in the way. When standing still, Link's Hylian Shield will block any incoming projectile causing it to harmlessly bounce off. This technique can also be used while crouching to block lower flying projectiles.

    Gre at quiz! I'm a huge fan of Link. I play with Samus Aran though. Anyways, good quiz lol. ^__^

  • Pikachu, I am very adventurous, self reliant, aggressive, active and defensive alot just like they are. I also have always loved the pokemon series sense I was a child. Cool quiz mate.


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