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  • Football is suit 4 me?
    Alr8, thanks anyway


    downinthedelta Aug 16 '18, 12:28AM
  • Great, I Like BasketBall. That's My Favorite Sport, Soccer And BaskBall ;~)

    CutiePie7 Mar 15 '16, 8:46AM
  • Great, I Like BasketBall. That's My Favorite Sport, Soccer Too.

    CutiePie7 Mar 15 '16, 8:44AM
  • I got baseball but guys guess what I ran 2 miles in 10min. No kidding if I could then I would posts Vidio of me running I'm the fastest in the whole of my grade so yeah it is so awesome

    Bobme2 Dec 31 '15, 3:21PM
  • Hockey I thought I will get soccer

    JJchavez Oct 15 '15, 12:19PM
  • I GOT HOCKEY (I Play Hockey)

    YOLO18 Nov 5 '14, 5:03PM
  • ooooooh. This wasn't for girls. I'm a soccer player? I said I wasn't fast though. To hell with this. I'm all FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!

    MarchBaby Oct 31 '14, 8:08PM
  • Hockey

    Monkeybutt02 Mar 23 '13, 1:23AM
  • Wrong, NOT basketball. I'm a swimmer and I love my team. GO SHARKS!

    JohnLennonLover Jul 22 '12, 1:20PM
  • wrong
    i'm so bad at soccer

    babyblue77 Jan 3 '12, 6:57PM

    54packers Dec 11 '11, 3:46PM
  • Im more of a soccer person

    Luv_Jacob Aug 6 '11, 4:30PM
  • what is your fav smily ex:);)

    ginger Feb 9 '11, 4:43PM

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