What spanking do you deserve?

Oh, I don’t think you’ve ‘accidentally’ stumbled onto this quiz. So, what have you done now? Well then, I guess it’s up for the quiz to decide. I hope you will think twice about doing it again because I never want to see your pathetic face here again!

This quiz is about deciding on what punishment you deserve depending on what offence you have done and how sorry you are. No matter how ‘sorry’ you are though, you will still be soundly spanked.

Created by: Dominic

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  1. What did you do to deserve a spanking in the first place?
  2. Well, obviously you’ve done something wrong if you’re doing this quiz. How about this, do you think you deserve a punishment?
  3. What implement do YOU think you deserve?
  4. Are you sorry, choose wisely.
  5. Will you ever do it again, hm?
  6. How many times have you done this before?
  7. Apologise.
  8. Do you think you deserve another punishment to follow? Which one?
  9. How long should your punishment last for, brat?
  10. Are you nervous, pet?

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Quiz topic: What spanking do I deserve?