What Punishment Do I Need?

So I have cheated and then lied to cover up my cheating. I think I should get a punishment, but want others to decide what should be justice. I do feel bad about what I did, and I am sorry, but still.

All the available punishments are doable for me, so do not let that worry you. I am fine with receiving corporal punishment and extended punishments as well.

Created by: redspecter
  1. Do I need to be punished?
  2. Do I need corner time?
  3. Do I need a mouth soaping?
  4. Do I need to be spanked? (potential spanking is with a wooden spoon)
  5. Do I need to do chores?
  6. Do I need to be grounded?
  7. How long should I be dressed for punishment? (If I am grounded, I'll have to be dressed for punishment the entire time)
  8. Should I serve time in chastity?
  9. Do I need an early bedtime?
  10. Should I fast?

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