What sort of pony are you?

What pony are you. Are you an innocent shetland. A pretty fjord. Or a welsh pony. Do this quiz and find out and test your mates, you not get what you expect.

Do you ride, or just love horses to death! No matter if you're into horses or not, you can still see what pony you may get what you want. So take this quiz now!

Created by: louisa

  1. How tall are you?
  2. Are you very active?
  3. Do youlike your space
  4. Do you like to show off infront of crowds
  5. What is your favourite pony name out of these
  6. Do you prefer riding in the school or on the trail
  7. What would you describe yourself as
  8. You're put on the slowest horse to ride ever!Do you..
  9. What is your favourite pony
  10. What is your best quality
  11. Can you get away with things.

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Quiz topic: What sort of pony am I?