If you were a pony what breed are you?

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Have you always wanted to know what type of pony are you .... well with this new quiz you can!!!

Are you an Exmoor, an Icelandic, a Shetland or a Fjord Do you want to know which one you are the oneand only way the find out is to take this quiz

Created by: Ella
  1. Do you like Showjumping
  2. Do you like dressage?
  3. Do you like Galloping
  4. Do you like Eventing
  5. Do you like horseball?
  6. Do you Like Horses
  7. Whats your favourite colour
  8. Do you want to be a.......
  9. Say you were being ridden by a begginer who dug spurs into your flank hauled on your mouth and bounced in the saddle what would you do
  10. Do you want the quiz to end

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Quiz topic: If you were a pony what breed am I?