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  • What Sonic Charactor Do You Match With?
    Your Result: You Are SHADOW!

    The one and ONLY Ultimate Lifeform. Shadow is extreamly mysterious and level headed. He may have some issues, But all in all, He is one of the most important charactors in the game. Just like how important you are! ^^

  • Oh no....my BFF iz goin 2 kill me.... I'm Maria! She hates Maria and wants 2 use her head like a soccer ball! No, she dosn't care about Shadow, its just she hates the thought that she shares the same eye and hair color...The goodz newz: SHADOW LUVZ MEZ!! Meow! I pop out your hershey chocolate syrup bottle! You scream, "AHHH!" I saz, "...meow!" I luv victini! meow!

  • I got Maria! But why can't there be Silver?! MY SILVER YOU GOT ME?!?! *kisses Silver plush* Ummmmm good quiz?

  • I know theres no Maria, but I'm a girl, so I got Shadow and I think that counts for maria! so there! Meow!


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