what song is best for you?

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What song is best for you? As in, which one best fits you. It may not be a favorite one you like. but it's a song. and you get some of the lyrics at the end!

Are you kind, sweet, mean, goofy, well take this musical quiz to find out. just kidding, this quiz isn't a musical. but it's super awesome! maybe...........

Created by: Brittany

  1. who is better out of this!
  2. if you where on a date, and you and your date where in the car, what would you two be doing?
  3. if you where homeless with the one you loved, what would you be to your loved one?
  4. if you want to break up with someone, are you scared, cuz of the sadness?
  5. how do you show, that you love someone, but your trying to get them?
  6. when is it a good time?
  7. where did you meet your crush?
  8. which song are you hoping to get?
  9. last question do you like pizza? Just kidding Who needs mental help?
  10. just kidding last question here! who should make a new song?

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