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  • This quiz is a joke, and the questions are far too ambiguous and ill defined to determine at all which sociological thinker anyone closely resembles. Helps you realize what type of person you are karlwin1? Be honest with yourself here.

    Made clear which sociologist you follow jeffande1? Come on, you actually think you gauged anything about yourself from those 10 questions? Questionable.

    With questions like these, you and I both, pamczechpam1, are very interested in where this class will take us, quite concerned.

    Dwum0001, insightful to say the very least.

  • Anyone with any sort of understanding about the world (cultures other than their own) will experience frustration at this quiz because it is far too simplistic to provide any reliable data.

  • I believe this quiz actually helps me to know what type of socioligist I would be like and it also helps me to realize what type of person I am

  • By taking this quiz has defined what type of sociologist i would be.And also has been an insightful to me.

  • I feel that this quiz was quite helpful to me in that it made clear which sociologist I follow.

  • I was suprised at what sociologist I was closest to. I am very intrested in where this class will take me. It has peaked my intrest.


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