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  • Wow, you're an idiot. I'm confused though, did you make this quiz to rant about your extremely misguided, grossly inaccurate, and excruciatingly whiny biased views to feel better about them since no one actually cares, or did you just feel like letting it all hang lose and felt "hey, why NOT show off my lack of intelligence and grace"... A little bit of both I assume? Lana is the reason most people watch the show, not just because she's like looking at a piece of art, but because she's the most in-depth, edgiest, and mysterious character. Clark is boring and Chloe can be hypocritical, self-righteous, and whiney which explains why you might like her so much ;) She's ok though, but you need some perspective or at least keep your bias little rants to yourself.

  • I don't think this was a very good quiz. on every answer you knew exactly who it was talking about. and whoever created it apparently don't like Lana and had stuff that wasn't even right.


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