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  • Fun quiz, although the passage about mice says the author either hasn't had a mouse or had a stinky male, that was very nervous about them xD

    "Small, cute and lovable, yet Im sorry to say there are ALOT of bad things about them. (Warning: Urine smells VERY bad. Small so can escape easy. Bite alot. Cant get them out of the cage exept for cleaning.)"

    The urine only smells VERY bad if you don't clean their cage. Or you got a stinky territorial male. They don't bite a lot unless you are scaring them and not taking it easy introducing yourself to them. And again, you can get them out if they are used to you. My friend had mice and they always raced to see her (and to see if she had food xD).

  • I got guinea pig and read the passage after it. It's false. Guinea pigs are pretty intelligent. They're not boring. It's possible to train guinea pigs to do tricks. Guinea pigs aren't known to run on wheels. They're known to be cuddly pets that you can play with.

  • I got guinea pig, but they are NOT boring AT ALL!! They are pretty active and very fun to watch!! Many people say or assume this because they get small cages where they can barely move around enough, making it seem like they are lazy. They also only get one, when guinea pigs MUST be kept in groups of two or more for companionship. The more in one herd, the more interaction and activity!! A large group is VERY fun to observe!! They can be taught many tricks as well; they are smarter than most realize, as they can be taught to come when called and respond to their name. Have you even actually seen or owned guinea pigs?? They should NEVER run on wheels because it is very bad for their spine.

    This quiz seems to have fake facts, according to this and the other misconceptions people are refuting in the comments. I would suggest doing your research before spreading false information.

  • I got a rat. Unfortunately, we already tried rats and they didn't work out, but hey, the quiz is accurate!

  • OMG!!! Houdini was my gerbil! & I got gerbil! Yippeee!!! sadly he was super old and died five days ago while I was in vacation )': I miss my boy!


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