What should you eat for lunch?

Don't let hunger kill your time. Do this quiz to see your results for food. Remember to comment. It's because you people are just @#$*%awesome!!!!!!!!

In 30 seconds, you will see what you will eat. It could be something good or something awful. This quiz is not 100% correct so if you are taking this quiz, you might want to consider something harder.

Created by: Bill

  1. How hungry are you now?
  2. What type of cooked food?
  3. How is your eating style?
  4. How healthy is your teeth?
  5. What is your favorite group of foods?
  6. Do you hate pizza?
  7. Do you want to stay healthy?
  8. How fat/skinny are you?
  9. I'm hungry
  10. Is your mouth watering?

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Quiz topic: What should I eat for lunch?