Eat some delicious food and we'll give you a movie to watch

Hmm, but it is just another human instinct to be attracted by gastronomical indulgence (a lot of good food). And thus, an eye-catching movie for entertainment.

This quiz takes the approach to bring out delicious foods and a resulting movie to watch. Ranged from breakfast, lunch to mouth-watering desserts and beverage, the resulted movies are just as great. (Have fun!)

Created by: fruitdanish

  1. Pick some breakfast.
  2. What's for lunch?
  3. Snack time!
  4. Lastly, dinner! What's for appetizer?
  5. Main course...
  6. Dessert time
  7. Wash all these down with...
  8. Watching the movie on...
  9. Sides...
  10. Enjoy!

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