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  • I loved the quiz, I just don't wanna be an oldies girl. But it was awesome.

    fluffywaffle Oct 10 '16, 12:14AM
  • Why did I even take this quiz. I'm being azomberina NOT A DISNEY CHARACTER

    Laurenxp Oct 13 '15, 4:09AM
  • ugh, this is girly bulls---. crap quiz, and i would dress up as some kind of werebeast.

    LokiCat Aug 13 '15, 4:29AM
  • But i STILL cannot decide! My best friend is a vampire and my other 2 are people from Harry Potter! What. Should. I. Do?! (not Disney!)

    Malfoy Gal Oct 14 '14, 6:03PM
  • im already gothic so wouldnt it be creative if i dressed up very preppy????

    ctdirtybirds Oct 19 '11, 10:34AM
  • nice i should be scary like it said

    gaby400 Oct 4 '10, 8:33PM
  • 12cwatki, you said that on another Halloween quiz. I think your just stupid.

    Miss Awesome Oct 12 '08, 2:21PM
  • i changed my ming i don't like it anymore

    12cwatki Oct 13 '07, 10:43AM
  • cool quiz!

    purpleluva Oct 3 '07, 8:44PM
  • this is a great quiz

    12cwatki Oct 2 '07, 4:18PM

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