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  • I got chubby belly. I had flat belly all my life up to a few months ago, but recently put on about 20 lbs of fat all to my belly (35 to 40 inch waist change) eating a lot of high calorie carbs and fats. I thought looking in mirror today after constant over eating during holidays that I finally have a pot belly for first time, but apparently I may have skipped right to chubby belly. My body fat calculates at 30 %, which is considered obese for a man. :(. It is kind of a funny feeling to suddenly see my belly hang over my belt. Being fit and working out until recently, I was surprised that my wife told me that she finds my pot belly sexy, and she is often now squeezing or tickling my love handles or pot belly. Maybe I will keep my inverted hourglass shape for awhile. ;)

  • Fat Gut! Dang right! My belly pops buttons and rests in my lap afterward. I love to play with my jiggly fat belly and want to be so much fatter!!!

    A year ago, I was 120 pounds, okay. Healthy for a 5'4, 12 year old. By December though, I weighed in at 140. I was terrified when I stepped on the scale a month later, and was 180 pounds! I stayed that weight for a while. I hated being classified as obese. As much as i hated that, though, I had to admit, playing with my belly was fun! Watching it grow was a huge turn on, too. I loved it! So I kept gaining. Now, I'm a 5'4, 13 year old girl, my waist is 40 inches around, and I weigh 220 pounds! But i want to be fatter still! 330 pounds is my goal and I want to be 50 or more inches around my belly! I want my belly to touch my knees when I sit! Happy gaining to my gainers out there!

    Fatty Jazzi
  • Your Result: Fat gut

    Stretching the bounds of chubbiness and your clothes you have a fat belly. Very soft and it jiggles. It must feel as though you have swallowed a beach ball!

    I didn't need to take the quiz to find that out lol ;)

    TinyMeatBall :

    Think through your decision as its hard to lose the weight... I should know... but if you decide to keep on gaining.. don't put in a half effort.. go the whole way and gain like mad !

    Falcon77 :

    Imagine having a flat stomach :0 I dream about it... I have been fat all my life ! 20 pounds of pure fat and over 30 inches of fat is such a mega change :0 That's what holidays are for... EATING... I'm on midterm and while typing this I have I have a family sized packet of chocolate buttons and a family sized packet of skittles and an extra large tub of Ben and Jerry's full fat ice cream in front of me... ya I'm a right fatty lol ;)You will get used to the belly hang... you should see mine (haha)

    I have rambled on for long enough lol :) I'm gonna keep on eating my fatty's feast while wearing size 12 shorts. (too small now... the zipper is all the way down... it wont stay up.)I popped the buttons on them about 30 pounds ago and my muffin top is getting big :) And this size 14 vest is showing my flabby rolls pretty well... my hand is sore from typing now.. byee :)

  • Chubby belly all the way! Two weeks ago I was on the couch eating ice cream out of the carton and my mom came over. At first she looked disgusted at my popped buttons, but then she started rubbing my belly. She fed me and then my dad joined in. After 2 weeks of this, I took this quiz again and got a little bit fat gut and mostly massive gut!!! I love it when my parents stuff me... oh, and my parents are gaining some weight too...

    • I wish my parents would let me do that, I have to sneak to the fridge!

  • Double belly for the win

    so it was like 5-4 years ago when i started to gain weight and i loooooove to be stuffed all the time and when i did start i started to wear relay tight jens all the time and now i have a huge double belly i just love how it looks and im around 450 pounds and with a massive ass and a massive belly :3 and i squashed a watermelon bye sitting on it before hehe but other than that i loved this quiz

  • Your Result: Massive gut
    Massive gut 100%

    Countless rolls and your huge gut must make it difficult to complete any arduous tasks. Walking up the stairs is a marathon. When you sit your belly folds over your thighs


    I am 12 years old and I weigh 21 stone.
    I got 70% fat gut
    I got 64% chubby
    I got 0% for other stuff

  • Your Result: Massive gut 90%

    Countless rolls and your huge gut must make it difficult to complete any arduous tasks. Walking up the stairs is a marathon. When you sit your belly folds over your thighs.

  • I got massive gut, I am so proud, but want to be fatter. I love it when I eat and I pop my pants. My mom wants me to lose weight. She was upset when my belly hung out from my top. I don't fit into any clothes she buys me.

  • Looks like I finally reached a double belly. :D

  • I got muffin top and seconded by double belly. I'm gaining a lot so I might reach that soon.

  • I got chubby belly

  • I got 100% Massive Gut. I know it, love it and want to grow even fatter

    Dreaming bug
  • I have a pot belly and a beer belly. My buttons are always popping

    Fat girl
  • All right panda girl preach

  • Muffin top that's about right my bf can't keep their hands of it

  • I really don't like this quiz, why can't you just ask someone? This is NOT a good judge of what shape your belly is. Girls and boys who take this quiz, this is not true. Look at yourself, and tell your honest opinion. Sorry!

  • Hehe chubby ;)

  • I got massive guy

    Dreaming big
  • Muffin top, yes!I will to continue to gain weight untill my belly blocks my zipper. :D

  • I got chubby belly and i like it

    music chub
  • i am chubby and by belly button is too good

  • fat gut. just today as i was eating my shirt button popped of because of my big belly.

  • Fat gut hell yeah

    Big jiggly lucy
  • I got fat gut

  • hehehe fat gut. i luv to eat


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