What Sentence Will You Get

The law is there to stop kaos reigning supreme. Though there are sentencing guidelines, each individual case is unique and the judge must weigh things up...

In this quiz you have been found guilty of an undisclosed crime. How you answer the questions will determine what type of sentence you receive from the judge...

Created by: Azif Ucan
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  1. When would you admit your guilt?
  2. Was your crime premeditated?
  3. What effect did your crime have on the victim/victims?
  4. Do you care about the victim/victims of your crime?
  5. Why did you commit the crime?
  6. How has your life been up till now?
  7. What do you intend to do in the future?
  8. What are you prepared to do to avoid re-offending?
  9. How do you think you've been treated by the law in this case?
  10. How much do you now respect the law and peoples' right to peace, quiet, and safety?

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Quiz topic: What Sentence will I Get