what saints row 3 character are you?

there are many saints row adicts take this test to see if you could be a saint i hope so so stop reading this and take that quiz.hey i said stop reading and take that quiz

do YOU know if you are a saint mabye a decker a luchadore or a morningstar it dosent matter im interested in the deckers but i made a saints quiz it doesent matter what you get

Created by: tyler

  1. who is youre favorite character(does not count)
  2. were would you shoot someone?
  3. someone says "the saints are terrible" ,what do you say or do?
  4. you kill someone and a cop catches you in the action,what do you say or do?
  5. someone needs you to destroy a terminale,how do you do it?
  6. oh no!,someone broke in to saints HQ,what do you do?
  7. are you glad johnnys dead (does not count)
  8. what ending do you like best (does not count)
  9. can you climb obsicles
  10. was this quiz fun?

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Quiz topic: What saints row 3 character am I?