Do you know saints row 2?

Saints Row 2.Takes place in a city controlled buy Ultor and gangs.This test will let me see if know saints row 2 or not.Like always plz rate and comment.

Info on the saints. Saints row 3 hits stores nov 15 in the usa.Saints row 2 is one of the most like games.Some say saints row is better then g.t.a.Saints row 2 is now on ps3 greatest hits.

Created by: andrew d

  1. Whats the saints color?
  2. Whys the main charater in a coma?
  3. What city does this take place in?
  4. Who's the last person you kill ?
  5. What happens to carlos?
  6. What happened to the saints?
  7. Saints row 3! Will come out when?
  8. Gat is who?
  9. Do you like saints row?(counts)
  10. Was this quiz hard?

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Quiz topic: Do I know saints row 2?