What's your warrior style

Many people can talk the talk but cant walk the walk. We always want to be the best and always do the right thing. Doing the right thing and working hard for what you want is a Spartan way of life.

Can YOU handle being a Spartan. Do you have the drive and motivation to always to the right thing in the face of hardships? Take the quiz and see if you can make the cut when it comes to hard work and dedication.

Created by: geoff of geoffrey
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  1. Are you a hard worker?
  2. Does blood bother you?
  3. Your smarter than the average person and you always think of a way to improve yourself.
  4. Do you like chess?
  5. Do you prefer swords or guns?
  6. Do you like working alone?
  7. Are you violent person?
  8. Do you prefer sheilds or weapons?
  9. Do you enjoy riches or hard work and pain?
  10. Are women equals or objects?

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Quiz topic: What's my warrior style