What's your warrior personality? (GIRLS ONLY)

Take this quiz to find out what's your warrior life! What clan you are in, your favorite prey, and even maybe who your mate will be!!! Hope you like it!

Note: Toms, all of the possible results are all she-cats, so... GO FIND YOUR OWN QUIZ! (this is only for girls, boys.) okay? All good? Great! Now, if you're a she-cat, take my quiz!

Created by: FantasticBeasts10

  1. What's your favorite clan?
  2. Your mate and leader are both in danger. Who do you save first?
  3. Do you want kits?
  4. Warrior or medicine cat?
  5. Favorite prey?
  6. Favorite leader?
  7. Favorite fur color?
  8. (last question) favorite eye color?
  9. (I lied) What do you like better:
  10. (ACTUAL last question) did you like this quiz? (doesn't change your results)

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Quiz topic: What's my warrior personality? (GIRLS ONLY)