What's your TRUE Wings Of Fire tribe?

This is a W O F quiz, for pyrrhia not pantala. Here you will see what tribe you are in. Personally, I'm a Nightwing, But who knows what you are! See you at the end!

You might not be happy with your tribe.. but hey! you can always take better, more advanced quizzes than this piece of- poop. Anyway, on to the quiz! Bye!

Created by: Caitlin
  1. who is the most superior tribe?
  2. favorite social media?
  3. How about powers?
  4. what do you want in a partner
  5. what house would you live in?
  6. Favorite musical?
  7. bye!
  8. HA! Just kidding, how easily can you be fooled?
  9. Who is the is best villain out of these?
  10. Good bye for real now

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Quiz topic: What's my TRUE Wings Of Fire tribe?