What's your super power?

We often wonder what it would be like to have super powers! But what many of us don't realize, is that real powers come from what's inside us! So let's combine the two powers! Depending on your personality, you might me a Mind Reader, a Shape Shifter, an Animal Whisperer, or have Super Strength! Find out now with this SUPER Personality Test!

Strength physically first comes from mental strength and endurance. Mind Reading comes from having a deep understanding for those around you. Animal Whisperers our friendly and inviting... and sometimes a little hyper. And Shape Shifters just about FIT IN anywhere! Haha! So find out who you are NOW!

Created by: J_Tiger2 of J_Tiger.com
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  1. You're at a party, where are you?
  2. Your friend wants you to come to the beach this Saturday, but no one else you know will be there. You say...
  3. You're in your room and outside your window you hear someone scream out in terror! Quick! You...
  4. You're walking through the park alone one day when suddenly someone pushes you off the trail, pulls out a gun and orders you to "Fork over the cash!" You...
  5. You're in a bank when suddenly someone pulls out a gun and hollers, "This is a hold up! Everyone get on the ground!" You...
  6. You're driving on the highway and you see some people in on the side of the road with a sign that says "Broken Down, Need to Borrow a Phone!" You...
  7. Would you take Sky Diving lessons if they were on sale?
  8. Do you talk to strangers at a party?
  9. You see a celebrity at the mall sitting in the back of the Food Court. What do you do?
  10. Your walking through the halls at school when you see a bully beating up another kid and stealing from them. You...
  11. You're running late for class. You realize you forgot your lunch, language homework, and a friends birthday present. You only have time to grab one,which do you go back to get?

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