what's your spirit animal??

Spirit animals. The animal that watches over your soul and makes sure you don't get hurt. Theres a magical thing about it. I medatate and find my spirit animal the hawk all the time! There are many ways to unleash your inner animal

Like I was saying, take this quiz and experience the free and easy way of finding it. Your answer will also tell you just why you have come to be this animal! I hope you enjoy! From Giselle+Chilli (I'm Giselle, Chilli Bean is my dog's name!) I am soooooo sorry I didn't add wolf!

Created by: Giselle+Chilil
  1. What book sounds awesome?
  2. Choose a song Genre
  3. Your dream dog
  4. What colour is your heart
  5. Which name is the cutest
  6. What is a true fact
  7. Are Puppies cute?
  8. What matters the Most?
  9. Second to last question!! HOW TO YOU FEEL

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Quiz topic: What's my spirit animal??