What's your personality?

There are many shy, secretive and quiet people. There are also some loud, lively and fun-loving ones. But which one are you? Does anybody know this answer you're looking for?

So take this quiz, and you'll find out! This quiz may help you discover your hidden destiny and you might even be famous! To achieve the results you desire, press the answer buttons for the answers that matter to you.

Created by: Dododotty

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  1. Do your friends think you're funny and clever with your words?
  2. Would you be more likely to pass an exam or swim with dolphins?
  3. Are you happier by yourself or with friends?
  4. Which would you prefer, winning a talent contest or winning the Nobel Prize?
  5. When going out to dinner, what would you choose?
  6. When going to a friend's house, what would you suggest first?
  7. Are you in a relationship with someone?
  8. If your school/local group were going to Wales, would you offer to come along too, to help or take part in all the fun?
  9. What is your opinion on fun and games?
  10. How would you rate this quiz, please be honest!

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Quiz topic: What's my personality?