What's your personality?

Hello! Have you ever wondered what your personality is? Have you found it hard to figure out who you really are? Do you want to know? Well here is a fresh new pair of eyes for you to see.

Note that I am pretty lazy, they are definitely not accurate and there's much to more to a person. I hope you understand. Good luck with whatever you got and know that everyone is unique. I get that it could be had to learn to accept yourself, but it takes time. May StarClan light your path. -Gingerpelt

Created by: Gingerpelt Of ThunderClan

  1. If you have a party you really want to attend, but your parents say no, what would you do?
  2. A rlly cute person comes up to you...
  3. A person slips in from of you...
  4. Bored?
  5. Just saying, every question counts...
  6. In a friend you look for...
  7. Favorite colour?
  8. I take my words back, these don't count. I can't think of questions.
  9. ....
  10. Goodbye

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Quiz topic: What's my personality?