What's your personality

Many people want to know what their personality. And many times they take these stupid quizes and it ends up saying they are a totally diffrent person. But I, Tawny, can gurantee I've worked with others to make this quiz perfect, so that when you're finished you really are reading about yourself. Even if you don't know it.

Take the quiz! Have fun, make sure you answer all the questions truthfully so that we can judge who you really are, if you go for fake answers to make a funny, well forget you. You suck.

Created by: Tawny

  1. When you laugh you laugh;
  2. When someone new walks past you you;
  3. Someone who you really care for is crying, but you're late for a very very important test you;
  4. Ahh!! You just got a F on your test and your friend got an A you;
  5. This time you got the A and your friend got the F you;
  6. Wow, you just got asked out by someone who your bestfriend has LOVED for her/his entire life you;
  7. Your bestfriend has just been asked out by the boy/girl of your dreams and they say yes you;
  8. You've figured out that your bestfriend likes the same person you like you;
  9. What's you're favorite color?
  10. Now that you've taken this quiz what would you pick to be your personality?

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