What's Your Personality? (READ DESCRIPTION!)

Thank you for actually paying attention to the title. Anyway, welcome! In this quiz, I will judge your personality based on your answers. No, this is not a stereotypical quiz like "emo" and "preppy," and your result will be creative.

What's your personality? Perhaps you're dark and mysterious or cute and happy? Maybe you have a general idea in mind, but maybe you're cluless. Either way, scroll down that scroller and get going! =]

Created by: DarkKitty
  1. Ok, hi and welcome to the personality quiz! This quiz has very cool results. Kick back and relax! Are you ready?
  2. I will start with less important questions and work my way up to the important questions. Ok, so what's your fave internet sign (the way I make them)?
  3. Fave color (out of these)?
  4. Fave genre of music (out of these)?
  5. Fave genre of movie (out of these)?
  6. Do you like people?
  7. **Now I will start to add answers with a bit of personality.** Is popularity important?
  8. Choose one word.
  9. Fave symbol (out of these)?
  10. What is the most important thing in school?
  11. What is the most important thing in LIFE?
  12. What is the thing that you absolutly need to live?
  13. What is your current mood?
  14. **Last Question** Am I being funny right now? "Hehehehehehehe! Cucumbers are llamas with shoes!"

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Quiz topic: What's my Personality? (READ DESCRIPTION!)