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  • Your Result: Truely Maddly Deeply- Savage Gardens

    Your love song describes the true love you have for the person. It promises them that your there for them and always will be. It tells that one special person that you never want to leave them and always want to be with them. It is for a true relationship that should never be broken.

    Hero- Enrique Iglesias
    I don't wanna close my eyes- Aerosmith
    Always- Bon Jovi
    You wanna make a memory- Bon Jovi
    I'll be there for you- Bon Jovi

    :) That's so cute! and true! lol And that's one of my fave songs of all fricken time!

  • ...Oh...and isn't that Aerosmith song called "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing", not "I Don't Wanna Close My Eyes"? Someone tell me lol

  • great quiz!

  • I'll be there 4 u by Bon Jovi?? lolz never heard of it


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