What's Your IQ?

There are smart people, and dumb people. Smart people who retain information in their cranium from various studies. Smart people are also people who understand what I just said.

Are you a smart person? Are you a genius? Do you have a high IQ? Are you tired of me asking these annoying questions? Then go right ahead and take the quiz.

Created by: Heather

  1. Is the Arctic the North Pole or the South Pole?
  2. On a boat, which side is left?
  3. Which breed of horse(s) is named after their color?
  4. Who plays Bob Ho in The Spy Next Door?
  5. What color is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Franciso?
  6. If I was walking to Dallas, Texas and met a man with seven wives, who each had seven dogs, who each had seven puppies, how many people were going to Dallas?
  7. If I was going to a different country, and I was going to go to Moscow, Paris, and London, what country would I be going to?
  8. Who wrote Charlotte's Web?
  9. What was the state of Delaware named after?
  10. Johnny's Mom had four kids. Their names were, April, May, June. Who was the fourth child?
  11. What does I.Q. stand for?

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