What's your IQ?

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Are you smart, average,or not-as-smart? I wanted to see how smart people on GTQ are because I'm really curious. I hope you do really great. Good luck to all of you!

Not many people are educated...can YOU answer these question I put on the quiz? I bet you can't!:) Just kidding, you probably can since I'm only in 11th grade...

Created by: DJ Cecilia
  1. What is 213/4?
  2. How about 51x28?
  3. Form the singular version of "Our house".
  4. True or False: Ellis Island is the most popular city in New York City.
  5. Which planet does Pluto revolve around?
  6. How many island(s) makes up Hawaii?
  7. Who was the first woman doctor, Elizabeth Blackwell or Besty Ross?
  8. 8. Scream: Screams, Screamed,...
  9. What is 34/100 in decimal form?
  10. What size is the sun?(Not from Earth distance, maybe Mar's distance)

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Quiz topic: What's my IQ?