How Well Do You Know Elizabeth Blackwell

There are many smart people who don't have an easy way to education. I have desiced that if I make a website I want the smart people to shine by taking this quiz. I put a lot of hard work into this and I hope to see everybody shining there way to the top

Are you going to shine? Do you have th brainpower to answer the questions? until now would you have ever thought " hey ... I can learn about an Indvidual In History?" well nows the time to see what you know and what you can learn!

Created by: Gabrielle
  1. Where was Elizabeth Blackwell born?
  2. In her early years, did Elizabeth go to school?
  3. When did Elizabeth and her family move to the United States?
  4. What was Elizabeth's fathers name?
  5. Samuel Blackwell was involved with the abolitionist?
  6. Elizabeth Blackwell had ___ siblings?
  7. When was Elizabeth Blackwell born?
  8. When did Elizabeth Blackwell die?
  9. why did Elizabeth Blackwell, her two older sisters Anna and Marian, and their mother open a private school in Cincinnati?
  10. Elizabeth became interested, after initial repulsion, in the topic of medicine and particularly in the idea of becoming a woman physician, to meet the needs of women who would prefer to consult with a woman about health problems.
  11. In what year did Elizabeth Blackwell begin to search out a medical school that would admit her for a full course study?
  12. Elizabeth Blackwell was rejected by all the leading schools to which she applied?
  13. Which collage thought her admission was a joke?
  14. Elizabeth Blackwell graduated first in her class in...
  15. Elizabeth returned to the U.S.A?
  16. In what year did Elizabeth, return to N.Y?
  17. Elizabeth Blackwell wrote lectures on health.
  18. In what year did her lectures get published?
  19. in what year did Elizabeth Blackwell open a dispensary in the slums of New York City?
  20. Did Elizabeth Have children?
  21. What was Elizabeth's daughter named?
  22. In 1875, Elizabeth Blackwell was appointed professor of gynecology at the London School of Medicine for Children, founded by Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. She remained there until 1907 when she retired after a serious fall downstairs.

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