What's your Glimpse like?

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Okay so this quiz isn't really based off the book "the Door Within" or anything. I just liked the concept of Glimpses and thought I'd make a quiz about it to pass the time.

So for those who have read the book, you'll probably hate me for stealing the eye colour thing,adding warriors/witches/wizards/kings/queens and all but bear with me and try to enjoy the quiz.

Created by: Jack Attack 1995

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  1. Out of these, what is your favorite?
  2. Dark, Light or Bright Colours?
  3. Are you a good fighter?
  4. Do you have a good memory?
  5. can you take pressure?
  6. If you could choose out of these?
  7. What about these?
  8. What colour are your eyes? No, not in real life. Your Glimpses...
  9. Do you get scared easily?
  10. Okay so this was a very simple and straight forward quiz. You probably already know what you are....but are you right?

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Quiz topic: What's my Glimpse like?