What's your flavor

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there are many people in this world and we all have our own flavor lets see what yours is when you take this quiz hopefully you will like the result :)

what flavor are YOU lets see just take the quiz and see what the result is i hope you like it and comment if you do thanks for taking and commenting

Created by: me
  1. do you like candy canes
  2. do you like strawberry lip Baum
  3. do you like fruit gushers
  4. what would you choose out of these strawberry milkshake,peppermints,or fruit roll ups
  5. how is this quiz so far ( no effect on answer )
  6. what do you love the most
  7. did you eat any fruit today or mints or strawberries
  8. r u still enjoying this quiz
  9. do you eat a lot of gum
  10. thanks will you comment and rate

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Quiz topic: What's my flavor