What's your favorite type of game?

This a a quiz to see what types of games you like. Single? Many people? We have them all. Just be careful and don't answer falsely or else! Just kidding.

Are you a person that likes 1 person games, or 3 people games? Color coordinated, or random? Objective, or not? Find out with this quiz, that will show you your true favorite game.

Created by: Natalya
  1. What number of players do you think is a good amount for a game?
  2. Do you like games that have an objective?
  3. Do you like games where you get to pick a color/person?
  4. Do you like games that require you to get somewhere before the other person?
  5. Do you like noise?
  6. Do you like timed games?
  7. What are your four favorite colors?
  8. Do you get bored of a game easily?
  9. Do you like games with lots of tiny things?
  10. Do you ever get tired of looking at something after a while?

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Quiz topic: What's my favorite type of game?