What is a good videogame for you

Many people in modern day histoty love video games come find out what your favorite type of vidoe game is do you enjot voiolance or peaceful games come and find out.

What video game is good for you manyt peole think they know but many people will figure out the they enjoy a differrent type ofr game find out your's.

Created by: Ben
  1. What rating do you like the best
  2. What type of movies do you watch
  3. How often do you play video games a day
  4. How often do you go to get a video game at a store like gamestop.
  5. DO you enjoy games with blood
  6. DO you enjoy sewears
  7. what type of violence do you like
  8. how long have you ben playong video games
  9. do you like video games
  10. did you enjoy this quiz

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