Pikmin series quiz

Pikmin. Small creatures in a videogame named "Pikmin", perfect to do a quiz on. The quiz is probably a Level 6 out of 10 levels. Don't be sorry if you suck, it's a quiz.

Are you a Pikmin genius?? Do you think you are a Pikmin god?? Do think you know it all?? Do you have the Pikmin Intellegence to win the gold? Take the quiz and find out!!

Created by: Christopher
  1. In pikmin 1, what color is the ghost when the pikmin dies?
  2. In the whole series, how many typles of pikmin are there (including parasitic pikmin)?
  3. What is the weight of the Utter Scrap, in pikmin 2?
  4. How many optional parts are there in pikmin 1?
  5. what are the yellow pikmin's abilities?
  6. How many trasures are in pikmin 2?
  7. what pikmin runs the fastest?
  8. What item gives you the trasure gauge?
  9. What color pikmin can sniff out things?
  10. can pikmin talk?

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