How much of a pikmin are you

There are many pikmin fanatics, but few are true pikmin. Pikmin, after all, are quite cute and cuddly and easy to kill. A pikmin is a true creature that follows instructions.

Are you a Pikmin?? Do you have the cuddliness to qualify for that tiny title? Until now you could only wonder but in just a few mere seconds, you can find out.

Created by: Christopher
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you yell out random words somtimes?
  2. What is your favriote color?
  3. can you only lift half your body wight or the same?
  4. do you always obey your parents?
  5. Can you stand high pitch sounds?
  6. Do you squash ladybugs?
  7. Do you fall aslep fast at night?
  8. Do you scare easily
  9. Are you immature
  10. Are you shy

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Quiz topic: How much of a pikmin am I