What's Your Fairy Element?

A fairy element is a unique power a fairy wields. Even though we're humans any one who's good at heart is a fairy , the only problem is those people don't know it so they're branded as just a cog in the wheel... Until now. After taking this quiz you can practise your element and even transform!

So what's your fairy element? What is it scored by? What does your fairy form look like? To answer all this and more take this quiz. Becoming a real fairy will take commitment and a lot of heart but it's worth it!

Created by: phoebe
  1. Why do you want to be a fairy?
  2. How long have you wanted to be a fairy for?
  3. What are your main personality traits?
  4. Pick a colour.
  5. How are you feeling right now?
  6. This may seem like a dumb question but it's essential to finding your fairy element: do you believe in fairies?
  7. Have you ever watched a TV show called winx club?
  8. When you become a fairy do you always want to be in fairy form?
  9. Your only a few questions a from finding your fairy element now! Will you revise fairy spells and practise your fairy element.
  10. Thank you for taking this quiz. (to everyone who thought that you can't become fairies: there woman who claims she can move things with her mind after having a strange dream about fairies. So yes you an become a fairy for real.:))

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Quiz topic: What's my Fairy Element?